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Dr. Mimi Guarneri's

Dr. Mimi Guarneri's

Personalized Lifestyle Genetic Panel

Dr. Mimi Guarneri's Personalized Lifestyle Genetic Panel is a revolutionary genetic test that analyzes over 45 SNPs to give you actionable insight that you can turn into powerful diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes to help you find balance in your health and finally feel your best.

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The products below are specifically designed DNA-based lifestyle plans for weight loss, optimal nutrition, endurance, and fitness that will be available early 2019



Health Enrichment

Our jumpstart package

Empower is the perfect healthy appetizer to give you an overall view of 37 genes from our most in-demand products. Perfect for anyone who wants to optimize their wellness and performance for a fit and healthy lifestyle.



Weight Management

Health and weight management starts here

Thrive will show you how to work with your body instead of against it. Get a full analysis of 22 genes, providing you with insight into how your body functions to help you achieve your healthiest weight. The first step to finding balance in your healthy lifestyle.



Nutrition Optimization

Our health and nutrition deep dive

Eliminate nutrition confusion with a full analysis of 50 genes related to health and nutrition. Recommendations are backed by scientific research with proven results. This package will give you everything you need to eat well and finally feel your best.



Endurance Performance

An endurance athlete’s competitive edge

RunDNA is the competitive edge endurance athletes have been looking for to take their bodies and performance to the next level. Get a complete breakdown of 47 genes that are crucial for training, performance, and recovery for all endurance athletes.

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Each DNA Report includes a Personalized Health Action Plan

Here's What You Get
Healthy Eating Made Simple
Follow our nutritional recommendations tailored to your specific genetic needs.
Exercise And Fitness Advice
Get safe and effective health and fitness advice that is perfect for your unique body.
Lifestyle Friendly Tips
Easy to follow tips that fit your genetics and your lifestyle.

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