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Empower - Health Enrichment


Health Enrichment Plan

Discover what’s possible with high-quality living.

Get a taste of the best. Empower was designed as a healthy appetizer to give you an overall view of 20 traits, 37 genes, and 53 SNPs from our most in-demand products.

The plan offers:

  • Custom evaluation.* Get nutrition recommendations from Nourish to fuel your body, recover from workouts, and feel more alert throughout the day.
  • Backed by science.* We will show you the type of exercise which may be most effective for your body. It may be different than you think.
  • Key insights and trends. Thrive will give you the valuable insight you need to get deep and restful sleep for improved recovery and focus.
  • Unique recommendations. Have RunDNA rank your endurance performance potential and show you where you thrive and where improvements can be made.


This package is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the cutting-edge benefits of our most popular products.*

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For the first time, receive genetic-based insight and personalized recommendations about how to improve your overall health, wellness, and performance, based on science.* Experience what Empower offers through these products.