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Nourish - Nutrition Optimization


Nutrition Optimization Plan

Nurture your nature.

The Nourish plan was designed to eliminate any confusion about what to eat for optimal health once and for all. This plan tests 26 traits, 50 genes, and 68 SNPs to provide health recommendations backed by research and results. This package will give you everything you need to eat well and finally feel your best.*
The plan offers:

  • Unique evaluation.Find out your predispositions to nutrient deficiencies that are essential to your health.
  • Customized Report.See how your body processes certain foods as we test for specific sensitivities that can slow down your results.
  • Science-backed recommendations. Learn what diet may be best for your body.
  • Key Insights.Learn about your taste preferences and how these can influence your health goals.


Our nutrition optimization plan will provide a personalized strategy to help you better fuel your body for a healthy lifestyle.*

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Your body will thank you when you apply the science-backed recommendations you'll get from a personalized nutrition optimization plan.


  • Learn about micronutrient deficiencies that could be slowing down your progress and get simple food choices and supplement recommendations to help improve your health and well-being.
  • Feel confident that all nutritional recommendations are backed by peer-reviewed scientific research.


  • Find out if your optimal diet should include more carbs or fats, so you know which foods may best fuel your body for health and happiness.
  • Learn how your body metabolizes caffeine and alcohol, so you can make appropriate dietary changes for long-term health.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your predisposition to lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity. If you have food sensitivities, this assessment can be life changing. Making selective dietary changes can mean the difference between feeling light and energized vs. feeling bloated and tired.


  • Get a breakdown of important traits, which assess how taste buds affect your food choices.
  • View key insights into how you likely experience the taste sensations of sweet, salty, bitter, creamy, carbonation, cilantro, and artificial sweetener.
  • Learn how your taste preferences potentially influence your food choices and get specific action steps to stay on track with your health goals.

*See Terms & Conditions for an important disclaimer.